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Yoga Instructor
"Move to the rhythm of your body, connect to the truth within your soul"

Hi, I'm Jessie Eloise - I teach Yoga because it changed my life - and I want to help change yours!

How I found Yoga

Like many people, I found yoga during a time of great challenge and change in my life. I'd left a tough drama school behind, had moved to a new city and developed anxieties. Needless to say, I felt lost!

Through practicing yoga I found peace, space, and strength that my body and mind craved. Nine years later yoga remains my steadfast companion!


Yoga is always there with me through challenging times, the fun times or just when I need a break. It's always there to make me feel better and connect me back to myself.

How I can help you

My strongest belief is that yoga is open and accessible to all.


I take the time to understand all of my student's aims and goals, and work with them to reach their desired outcome.

My classes take a mindful approach whereby we take the time to tune into ourselves to get out of our chattering minds. This allows us to move more freely, to connect to our own rhythms, our beautiful selves - in that beautiful unique moment.

With that, I hope my classes leave you feeling strong, empowered, physically open, but most importantly - connected to your truth - your true self.

​ I am incredibly passionate to share the transformative ways that yoga can support you in your daily life.

If you are interested in finding out how I can help you on your journey, please contact me below.

What I'm up to


What my students say

David Jackson

"Until about 8 months ago, yoga was one of those things on my “should do” list. I’d been reluctant to start: worried about stepping into unknown making a fool out of myself in front of experience yogis."

"I got the chance to give things ago through Yoga sessions arranged at work, and it’s been transformative. Jess runs these sessions. She is super friendly, makes you feel at ease and takes the group through the practice in a which makes you work to your own ability, achieving a great mix of physical challenge with some much-needed time to slow down and be a bit more mindful."

"I’ve been going to her sessions for over 6 months now and I’ve really seen a difference: my flexibility and core strength are noticeably improved and most importantly it gives me a bit of much needed mental balance through time to reflect and put something back into my wellbeing"

Chantelle Thomas

"I have been coming to Jess’s yoga classes for several months now - I find the classes not only help me to switch off (following challenging working weeks) but help me to stretch & become more flexible following my vigorous exercise regime.


From attending Jess’s classes I find my anxieties & mental health improve as it focuses on acknowledging myself in the moment - rather than thinking about the long list of tasks that have yet to be accomplished.


Jess always takes the time to help you get into the positions, as well as improving your posture & reminding you to breathe! 

She is a great teacher & I will continue to attend her classes as there are so many positives to be gained from them.


Thank you Jess for your patience and enthusiasm in these classes- you are heaven sent!"

Ashley Rayner

"Jess’s classes are great, she’s so warm and friendly and makes everyone feel welcome and included no matter their level and experience.


I really enjoy every class as it's varied and inclusive, concentrating on different elements every week with options for beginners and more advanced yogi’s!


I’d recommend Jess’s classes to everyone of all yoga experience, she’s a fantastic teacher!"



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