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Holding your hand through womanhood

Welcome Sister!

Jessie Eloise is a space holder for women to come together whether through yoga, a woman's circle or a retreat.

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Your Path to Radiant Womanhood

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I launched Jessie Eloise to focus on uniting and empowering women, because I've experienced feeling disempowered and lonely and know I'm not alone in this. My mission is to show women that there is another way to live!

Whether it's a woman's circle, a general feel-good yoga class, pre & postnatal pregnancy yoga, doula services, or a retreat to connect with other mums - you're in the right place!


With over a decade's worth of study with leading industry experts, I've developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges of the different stages of womanhood & strive to create a supportive community where you can connect with other women and share your experiences.

Community is at the heart of what I do, once you join, you're a sister for life!



I offer a variety of classes and full-service packages for women through all of life's stages. My passion is to truly understand you and your wishes to make your life the best it can be! This is no dress rehearsal! 

Women's Circles

Join in circle with other woman.

 Connect, feel heard & move your body in community

Community Yoga

Weekly classes to build strength, relax, and join a community of other women. 


Holistic UK & Overseas retreats throughout the year for mother & child to connect and bond. 

Pre & Postnatal 

Virtual or in person yoga classes and birth preparation classes

Birthing Doula

A supportive, non-judgemental hand to guide you through the biggest and most blessed, transition into motherhood. 



"I just wanted to thank you for all of your support and strength through our prenatal yoga sessions!


Not only do I look forward to our classes because of how relaxed and uplifting I find them, but because of how you always time to ensure I am comfortable and that poses are adapted, for all of our comfort levels


It’s been an amazing journey and bonding lessons for bump and I, thank you so much"

Jo W, Oct 2023

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about the classes or services I offer please don't hesitate to reach out.

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Thank you!

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