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Pregnant Belly

Empowered Birthing: A 12-week Doula-Led Journey Through Pregnancy & Birth Preparation

Pregnant Yoga

The Programme

This programme aims to provide comprehensive support and preparation, addressing both the practical and emotional aspects of pregnancy and childbirth from a doula's perspective.

The programme will consist of twelve 75 minute live sessions that will focus on different aspects of pregnancy and childbirth; and we will have a community space in Mighty Networks for us to stay connected during this time.

Each session we will move together, breathe and meditate in addition to covering the below topics.

Partners are encouraged to join week 7 where we cover ‘the role of the partner’

All sessions will be recorded if you cannot make the live call.

You’ll have access to the recordings for the entire 4 trimesters (3 months postnatal).


Investment: £560.00

Next enrolment start date: Wednesday, 11th September 2024

Programme Outline

Week 1: Introduction & Overview

  • Welcome and Introductions 

    • Meet the doula (Jessie Eloise) and fellow participants

    • Overview of the course

  • Understanding Pregnancy 

    • Stages of pregnancy

    • Physical and emotional changes

  • Setting Intentions

    • Discuss personal goals and expectations

    • Introduction to journaling and mindfulness practices

Week 2: Nutrition & Wellness

  • Prenatal Nutrition 

    • Essential nutrients

    • Healthy eating habits

  • Exercise and Movement 

    • Key exercises for pregnancy

    • Importance of staying active

  • Q&A and Discussion

Week 3: Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health

  • Managing Stress and Anxiety

    • Techniques for relaxation

    • Identifying stressors

  • Mindfulness and Meditation 

    • Guided meditation session

    • Daily mindfulness practices

  • Open Discussion

Week 4: Understanding Labour & Birth

  • Stages of Labour 

    • Early, active, and transitional labour

    • What to expect at each stage

  • Signs of Labour 

    • Recognising labour onset

    • When to go to the hospital or birth centre

  • Discussion and Questions

Week 5: Birth Plans & Preferences

  • Creating a Birth Plan 

    • Elements of a birth plan

    • How to communicate your preferences

  • Interventions and Choices 

    • Common medical interventions

    • Making informed decisions

  • Q&A Session

Week 7: Partner Support and Involvement

  • Role of the Birth Partner 

    • How partners can support

    • Effective communication

  • Comfort Measures for Partners 

    • Techniques for partners to assist

    • Practice session

  • Discussion and Feedback

Week 9: Postnatal Planning

  • Immediate Postnatal Care 

    • Physical recovery

    • Emotional wellbeing

  • Breastfeeding Basics

    • Benefits and challenges

    • Tips for successful breastfeeding

  • Open Discussion

Week 11: Building a Support Network

  • Identifying Support Systems 

    • Family, friends, and community resources

  • Joining Support Groups 

  • Benefits of peer support

    • Finding and joining groups

  • Discussion and Resource Sharing

Week 6: Comfort Measures & Pain Management

  • Natural Pain Relief Techniques 

    • Breathing exercises

    • Positioning and movement

  • Medical Pain Relief Options 

    • Epidurals and other medications

    • Pros and cons

  • Hands-On Practice

Week 8: Partner Support and Involvement

  • Complications and Variations 

    • Common complications

    • How to cope with unexpected changes

  • C-Section Preparation 

    • What to expect during a C-section

    • Recovery tips

  • Q&A Session

Week 10: Infant Care Basics

  • Newborn Care Essentials 

    • Bathing, pooing, and sleeping!

    • Understanding newborn cues

  • Soothing Techniques 

  • Q&A and Sharing Experiences

Week 12: Final Preparations and Celebrations

  • Review and Recap

    • Summary of key learnings

    • Addressing remaining questions

  • Personalised Birth Plans 

    • Finalising birth plans

    • Sharing and feedback

  • Celebration and Closure 

    • Celebrating the journey

    • Farewell and next steps

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​Next enrolment start date: Wednesday, 11th September 2024

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