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The Monthly Reset

RADICAL Connection with Yourself a Community of Sisters 

A safe & supportive online community of women that encourages you to return home to yourself & stay connected to the truest version of YOU in a very noisy world.

"So you can move to the rhythm of your own body and connect to the truth within your own soul."


What awaits you inside

A monthly soul-nourishing membership & sisterhood

Monthly Connection Call

Join your fellow soul sisters & Jessie for a monthly 90 minute call to connect, reset & journey inwards.

Weekly movement videos

Each week you'll receive a 30 minute recording with movement and meditative prompts from Jessie to help keep you connected to your true self.

Community platform

In between monthly gatherings you'll have the opportunity to connect with other members & Jessie via The Monthly Reset community platform. Here you will access to all movement recordings, meditative prompts and other useful tools & resources to support you in staying connected to yourself.

Who this space is for

Whether it be to find yourself again after the whirlwind of motherhood. 

Or you're on the journey to become a mother.

Or you're looking to connect to your truest self so you can create a project you feel blocked by.
Or perhaps you feel lost in your life and need some direction.

Either way, all of these can be isolating experiences. 

When women unite in community & sisterhood to share in these experiences.

Magic happens. 
This is the space for you.
To re-connect to your truest self & embrace the power of sisterhood.


“Jessie has created such a beautiful & safe space for women to show up as they are & connect with other women. I always feel so much lighter after each circle & feel more confident to embrace anything that comes up in the month ahead."


"Jessie has a way of helping your body release trapped emotions. I experienced this first hand in a few short days. Her integrative practice using yoga, qigong, tapping, music therapy, dance to name a few techniques, created a perfect setting for my body to feel sage and vulnerable. Thank you Jessie for your healing work."
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Founded & led by Jessie Eloise

Jessie has a strong focus on uniting and empowering women. Having experienced feeling disempowered and lonely, Jessie knows she is not alone in this which is why she is strongly motivated and passionate about creating and leading a sisterhood circle. Her mission is to show women that there is another way to live and help them reconnect with their inner self and their fellow sisters.

Membership Options & Join Now

Membership Options

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Monthly community membership only. 

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Monthly community membership plus a monthly 1-2-1 call with me, Jessie. This is for women feeling stuck & craving some extra support to move forwards whilst being held accountable to really make change. 


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